v0.36 - ReScript 10 and JSX4 in beta

Published on Fri Mar 31 2023


  • Support JSX4 in ReScript
  • Support for ReScript v10
  • Relax ppxlib constraint

Fix and CSS Support

  • Remove all semi_colons conflicts (#328)
  • Warning on last expression of the sequence when needs to be static (#326)
  • Support more than two selectors by reducing stuff (#329)
  • Support for grid-column/row-gap
  • Support box/text-shadow: none

v0.33 Stability release

Published on Fri Jan 27 2023


  • CSS: linear-gradient()
  • CSS: repeating-linear-gradient()
  • CSS: radial-gradient()
  • CSS: repeating-radial-gradient()
  • CSS: conic-gradient()
  • CSS: hsl/a now are able for interpolation


  • CSS: text-decoration-line
  • CSS/code-gen: animation-time/transition-time etc
  • CSS: fix min-height/min-width


  • Add support for consumption in opam
  • Removed reason-native packages (refmterr, rely)
  • Add Parser.Types to code generation
  • Update CI to latest actions

v0.30.3 Support Selectors Level 3 and new website

Published on Mon Aug 01 2022

v0.25 Make interpolation type-safe

Published on Fri Aug 27 2021


This release includes a big change in how the parser treats interpolation, making it possible to have type holes in the CSS values, enabling type-safe variables at runtime with bs-css types.

Most single-value properties are supported and a few shorthands as well. We will enable as more as we found them useful. This will be documented under:

  • Add interpolation and enforce parser rules for shadow #226
  • Type-safe interpolation, for single-value properties and shorthand properties (margin, padding) #219


v0.24 Support for interpolation

Published on Wed Aug 11 2021

  • Support for interpolation within values (at any position).
  • Added a solid syntax: $()
  • Pushed new documentation explaining the array API
  • Added CssJs.label for styled calls.
  • Rename css to cx, and keep cx

v0.20.1 Dynamic components

Published on Sat Jul 18 2020

v0.20 All React props

Published on Tue May 26 2020


Published on Tue May 26 2020